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Kundalini Yoga Resolutions for the New year

Geplaatst op 9 december, 2016 om 10:10 Comments reacties (2)

Even though we can start every day with the intention to make a stronger commitment to our soul’s purpose, the approach of a New Year feels like the most opportune time to do so. For one, this is a time when people around the world are making new decisions about their life. Linking up with that group intention of renewal is very powerful. What are you intending to change, grow with, or evolve towards this New Year? What is a great Kundalini Yoga idea ...

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About the Heart Center

Geplaatst op 25 november, 2016 om 14:55 Comments reacties (0)

The heart center is the most important of our spiritual centers. It is one of the two centers which are in direct contact with the higher self and through which soul energy and other higher energies enter our being. The second entrance is the head center, which is located in almost the exact center of the head in the vicinity of the pineal gland.The heart center is also the center of unconditional love. At this level the feelings of universal bro...

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My first Summer Solstice in New Mexico - what an amazing experience!

Geplaatst op 20 augustus, 2016 om 9:10 Comments reacties (0)

Summer Solstice is like a Kundalini yoga village that is set up outside of Espanola, New Mexico. The event got 5 main pillars: Kundalini Yoga, White Tantric Yoga (3 days!), Sadhana (daily morning spiritual practice with live music), Seva (selfless service) and Community. It's hard to say what was my favorite experience. They are all very special and wonderful! And just walking around the camp is a wonderful feeling. It feels like being in another dimension. It's one of those experiences th...

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The Aura - "Your shallowness or greatness of the soul shows up in your aura" JB

Geplaatst op 20 april, 2016 om 13:20 Comments reacties (0)

In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human being is recognized as a chakra. Once we begin to integrate all our chakras, the aura fully radiates to protect and project us. Kundalini Yoga thoroughly works to bring balance and strength to our entire system of energetic highways as well as the aura. It is with the aura that we can embody the great human skill of radiance. A strong aura automatically uplifts and improves the workings of all the other cha...

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Celebrate New Years Eve with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Geplaatst op 26 december, 2015 om 10:40 Comments reacties (0)

New Years Eve is a great time to consciously celebrate an end and a beginning. Kundalini Yoga is a great place to celebrate the completion of 2015. And also to give your soul a gift to celebrate New Year's Day with Kundalini Yoga. 

Even though we can start every day with the intention to make a stronger commitment to our soul's purpose, the approach of a New Year feels like the most opportune time to do so. For one, this is a time when people around the world are making n...

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The origins of Kundalini Yoga music

Geplaatst op 6 november, 2015 om 14:40 Comments reacties (0)

Kundalini Yoga has its own music genre, sometimes called Western Gurbani. Gurbani means "sacred language based on the power of the sound current", and is the term used to refer to the words of the Sikh gurus. When Yogi Bhajan took these teachings to California in 1969, a fusion of Western-style music and Gurbani emerged, and this is what you'll hear in kundalini yoga classes today - where you might chant along with it, use it to set a pace or rythm for a particular movement or breath patte...

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What exactly is Kundalini Yoga? Wat is nu Kundalini Yoga?

Geplaatst op 25 oktober, 2015 om 4:50 Comments reacties (0)

Yoga has dozens of variations in philosophy and style. Some yogas (like Bikram) are structured as a physical workout. Others put an emphasis on meditation. Kundalini Yoga is a little of both, but with an added emphasis on consciousness that activates energy centers througout the body. Kundalini Classes can be a good workout, but it's teachers and students participate in each kriya (a series of postures, breath, and sound that work toward a specific outcome) with a quiet reverence more akin...

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Your first Kundalini Yoga Class?

Geplaatst op 18 oktober, 2015 om 11:45 Comments reacties (0)

In a nutshell, Kundalini Yoga is a system of physical and mental technics designed to elevate individual consciousness to recognize our oneness with all that is. Methods employed to do this are kriyas (physical sets systematically designed for specific aims), chants (all kundalinis chant), meditation and pranayama (control of prana, or life force, through the breath).

Please join the Kundalini Yoga Class coming Thursday 22 Oct! 19:30-21:00 hrs. 

Studio Delphi...

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